Video Commercial Case Study:

 25 Nov 2014  BoringBrands Blog

About the Client is India’s leading cashback and coupon provider. The company is aiming to accelerate the growth of affiliate marketing in India, driving up the volume of e-commerce as well as savings for online shoppers. In the first year of operations, was able to give back more than Rs. 2.5 crore to customers in the form of cashback.


Project Brief


As succeeded in achieving a stable number of daily transactions, the company decided to announce that it has come of age. That’s why this innovative startup took to the video route to boost volumes and build credibility. approached Boring Brands to provide end to end services for its video commercials.


Creative Insight


Having understood the challenges and aspirations of, the Boring Brands team decided to produce the videos around the following insights:

  • The idea that cash can be earned back in situations where people don’t expect to, should come out very strongly.
  • Humor should be used to make the videos sticky and increase the viral factor.
  • Because the concept targets the Indian audience, the videos should have a strong connect with India. We decided to take the route of traditions.

Final Result





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