Top 4 Advertising Mistakes Startups Make

 28 Jan 2015  BoringBrands Blog

We meet about 400 startups in a year, and the most frequently asked question is: how to make sure a startup’s advertising is effective? It’s a good question, but the answer isn’t that straightforward. To be successful, your advertisements must be an investment, not a one-time tactic.


That said, here are some of the common mistakes that startups make when running advertising campaigns.


Not tracking the response


You can’t just advertise in the local newspaper or distribute flyers and leave the rest to fate. You must track the results of your previous efforts and accordingly make adjustments to your future advertising attempts. Include something in each ad that will notify you when a customer does business with you because of your ad. Coupons for something specific are a good option; when customers come to you asking to redeem those coupons, you know it’s because of the campaign.


Wrong timing


The most common mistake is to advertise evenly through the year. If you have a fixed budget and a linear plan for your advertising, you are making a grave mistake. How will you handle an emergency? What will you do if your competitor launches a major campaign in between? The solution: Keep some resources in reserve in order to tackle any adverse conditions that may occur.


Wrong medium


Advertising in the wrong place is also a brand-killer. You must gain an insight into the customer before you invest. Solution: Conduct a survey. Find out what their favorite newspapers, magazines, radio stations or websites are, and then focus your advertising efforts there. The more specific you get, the higher your returns.


You are how you appear


Customers identify a brand with specific visual traits like colors, typography and images. You should create a visual image of your company and maintain it through your various advertising efforts. All of your messages should have a particular look and feel if you are to create long-term association and quick recall.


Of all the marketing mediums used by startups, advertising has the most potential to turn things around. However, one needs to pay extra care while running advertising campaigns, and make sure that they are delivering.