The Thing About Half Success

 27 Apr 2016  BoringBrands Blog, Hacks

The Thing About Half Success

Anshul Sushil, Co-founder at BoringBrands and The Moody Nation talks about an interesting take on half success.

Chances are you know what success is. But what is half success?

KV Sridhar had an interesting take on the term when he mentioned this to Aakriti (Co-founder of BoringBrands) and me when we met him in December. To one of our questions, he said,
“Entrepreneurs have this uncanny habit of lauding themselves at successes — sometimes these successes are nothing but half-success. It should be kept in mind if you want to play a BIG game.”

His thought made lot of sense and it keeps coming back to me, especially when we are on a big project or after it. I keep asking myself, “was it a success or a half success?”

I keep pondering on these lines –

1. Was this a new thing? Or was it done before by someone? I believe, entrepreneurs are creative people as they are out there, hustling, to solve problems that exist but are unsolved.

2. After 1 year, will I be still proud of it? One year of scaling (startup) experience is almost equal to 3 years of a scaled setup.

3. Lastly, would I want to do it again? Did I make profits? Did this make business sense for BoringBrands or will this lead to profits for the company?

Only when I am able to answer yes to all the three questions, I believe I was successful in a project or in the activity. Otherwise, just keep your head down and continue working.

What do you think? Have you encountered any half-successful moments in life?