Starting Up & Fund Raising by Prajakt Raut

 09 Dec 2016  BoringBrands Blog


Founder of and The Hub of Startups, Prajakt Raut has gathered another feather on his hat, and this time as an author. His debutant book – Starting Up & Fund Raising launched yesterday in Bangalore by Sharad Sharma highlights insights to help first-time entrepreneurs become better prepared for business and fund raising.

Here’s all you need to know about the book.

How would you describe yourself to your readers?

I am an entrepreneur and an entrepreneurship evangelist. My mission is to enable and assist 100,000 entrepreneurs in my lifetime.

I am deeply immersed in the startup eco-system in India, having previously been the Asia Director of TiE (2004-2007), and later the head of operations of Indian Angel Network.

Why did you plan to write this book?

There are now more ways than ever for startups to find and connect with investors, through in-person events and online deal-closure platforms, but this also means that investors are seeing more companies than ever before; it is important for entrepreneurs to catch their attention as they may only have one chance to make a good first impression.

Many startups start reaching out to investors before they know how to make a sound and compelling investment case for their business, and how to articulate that.

Often, even strong entrepreneurs with good ideas never get a foot in the door, or catch an investor’s attention because they have not been able to present a compelling case to investors. Investors want to see a well-thought- out plan for your business. And how well your pitch deck or intro video communicates a well-thought- out plan is what can get an investor’s attention.

That’s why I wrote this book to help startups in this crucial step – in helping them refine their plan, understand the investor’s perspective and help them articulate their investor pitch in a manner that gets investor attention. The book is also intended to help founders understand how to think of the building blocks for their business.

What kind of research and ideation went into creating this book?

This book is a result of over a decade of experience of working with startups and investors. I have had the privilege of reviewing pitch decks of thousands of entrepreneurs during my stint at TiE and IAN, and of course had the good fortune of interacting with hundreds of founders in my role as a mentor at various forums.

When is the book releasing?

The book is being launched formally on the December 8, 2016 in Bangalore.

Who did you write this book for, and how will it benefit them?

Knowing of what issues to think about, and having some competence to think through them, or garnering resources and people who can guide you through them, is no guarantee of success. But not even knowing about ‘ALL’ the aspects that you might need to think about in a venture is most likely to be a foundation for failure.

This book is written to help first-time entrepreneurs think through different aspects of their business, so that they do not miss out on thinking about the various aspects that will need to work well, and work in sync to give the startup a better chance of success.

This book’s attempt is to provide entrepreneurs inputs on what areas to seek answers and guidance/mentoring on, and provide examples that could help you ask more, and more relevant questions.



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