Shuttl Evens All Odds

 26 Apr 2016  BoringBrands Blog


Amidst the Delhi government initiative of “Odd-Even” rule to clean up Delhi’s air, and an endless stream of debates on the proposal, facts have disappeared. There is not a single source of organized data to address every citizen query. There are multiple exemptions and clauses on the proposed scheme that most people are unaware of.

So after launching multiple green initiatives with Shuttl last year, BoringBrands’ team decided to take a bigger step to help Shuttl do its bit for a greener Delhi. India’s largest bus aggregation platform, along with BoringBrands, launched a website to provide a consolidated information on odd even proposal to the commuters. The website, with all available data, news and opinion on the odd-even proposal, allowed users to join the discussion through social media. This one- click destination to know all about Delhi Government’s odd-even proposal was an effort to help the government initiate this rule seamlessly.

The website isn’t the end of it. From establishing Shuttl as a smart and cheap alternative to daily urban commute during the first phase of the odd-even scheme, to widening the reach of Shuttl in terms of geographies inside Delhi-NCR, the BoringBrands team is did it all and how! The team worked on expanding the reach of the robust transport network that Shuttl aimed to create. The initiatives by Shuttl, especially the launch of the website, also welcomed other transport-related startups and organisations to participate and provide information on how they are doing their bit to clean Delhi’s air and help commuters.

Shuttl is based out of Gurgaon and caters to the needs of commuters in the Delhi-NCR region with more than 20,000 rides per day. It launched its tech-enabled platform in April, 2015 and recently received a Series A funding of $20 million from Sequoia Capital, Times Internet and Lightspeed Ventures.