Digital Marketing


No, social media is not a new concept. And NO! - it is not something which will add zing to your brand! Social Media is to brand marketer as Prince in the shining armor to every teenage girl! Every girl desires a prince but only, handful, get it.

For us at Boring Brands, Social Media is not a radical concept that will change the world but its an age old way albeit with new tools charged with the edginess of internet.

Shocking, but yes, Facebook is not the end, its a mean to get to the end which is apt for your business.

Services rendered by Boring Brands in social media are -

  1. Helping businesses leverage social media - be that setting up a captive social networking hub or leverage Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc
  2. Finding the "mojo" for the business to ensure engagement with the customers on the hub
  3. Creating a metric based model with analytics, which a client can control to measure the impact rendered by these tools
  4. Seminars, a DIY workshop or one to one session for clients who want to understand what social media could do for them.