Customer today is not just your wife, she is your girl-friend - and if you are Tiger Woods, you know what we mean! No Seriously!, in today's world, you can not take your customer for granted!

We, at boringbrands, understand that branding is about managing three things -

1. Understanding your consumers  thoroughly.

For this, we may advise research, primary or secondary, dipstick or exhaustive but always emphasize so that the simple answer to the question "Who are you targeting your product to" should not meet with "children" but with a more elaborate 'children in the age group of 5-12 years, like watching discovery channel more than cartoon channel and are into sports"

2. Working out strategy, keeping your consumers in mind.

We know it sounds simple but this is one of most difficult things to implement, Advertising may not be the best solution for a newly launched product. Social media is not for every product and service. We always advise clients to spend their monies on activities which will bring them closer to consumers.

3. Repeating the good work, again and again and again...

Consistency is the single most important factor that we heavily rely on. Consistency in thoughts, in colors, in tonality, etc. It pays to develop a signature personality of your brand and then stick to it. This is something, we like to do.

Services rendered in branding are as follows -

  1. New product / service launch
  2. Devising brand personality - including promise, vision and various elements of a brand identity
  3. Brand guidelines - on how to use and how NOT to use a brand
  4. Developing a brand promise / Positioning - what to stand for and what not to!
  5. Brand elements - Logo, website look and feel, visiting cards, etc
  6. Advertising - Campaign strategy and execution for TV, Print, OOH, etc