Communications is no longer relegated to the position of creating awareness about your product or service. This is the age of consumerism when there are so many alternatives exist and the fight for that piece of mind of a consumer has just got super-tough!

We believe, we have a simple solution to the tough problem of creating communications to impact consumers for start-ups. We always advise clients to endorse “consumer-centrism” and “completeness” in devising any communications strategy.

1. “Consumer-centrism” – If you are a device for students, ya shd rmrmbr t8 dr lngug s chngd. (you should remember their language has changed!” – if you want to talk to them, you might want to talk to them in their language or probably using Facebook and Twitter and not just TV Ad.

2. “Completeness” – Right from a simple status message for your Facebook page to detailed brochure for your product, you need to be consistent with your tonality and personality. You can not be smart on Facebook and boring in an email!

Yeah, we know these are simple things – but simplicity is everything for an effective start-up communication!