Rethinking Childhood with SuperSuit – World’s First Wearable Gaming Platform

 27 Apr 2016  BoringBrands Blog

Is the outdoor child doomed to extinction?

Urbanization might be effectively trapping children indoors by shrinking spaces outside, but MadRat Games generated a solution. The wearable gaming platform ‘SuperSuit’, created by this Bangalore-based firm, is one gift parents all over would happily buy.

The prototype launch of the world’s first wearable gaming platform for kids happened at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2016 in Vegas. This was a first for any Indian company on one of the biggest tech shows globally, and BoringBrands team helped orchestrate it.

SuperSuit has got all the right reasons to be recommended for its use. From encouraging outdoor activity, away from screen-dominated indoors, to a digital vest that supports multiple games, it is the coolest gaming platform.

What’s more is that parents can keep track of where their children are and monitor their fitness levels through the companion smartphone app via Bluetooth. Users can download new titles, upgrade firmware and maintain player profile and data.

SuperSuit was designed for the new play space of the 21st century – the emerging ‘Third Space’. This is the space between the screen-dominated indoors and the vanishing outdoors. It’s the backyards, parking lots, basements, terraces, streets in the neighbourhood and many other places where the majority of play is happening today.

With the shrinking outdoor playing areas in cities and arising safety concerns, this new wearable, first of its kind gaming platform, could certainly help bring the freedom of play back to this generation of children.