The life mantra he received from his father advocates that ‘one should always be in a position of strength wherein one can offer help to those who need it, instead of being in a position of weakness, seeking help from others’. Anshul firmly believes that by following this mantra he was able to turn the opportunities that were offered into larger-than-life ventures. To read more, click here.
In this article published on CMO, Anshul argues, the digital landscape is rapidly evolving. He talks about how online videos have the power to engage the target audience, and because of growing consumption of videos, brands are now taking a huge chunk out of their advertising budget and shifting it to the online sphere. To read more about his views, click here.
Anshul Sushil shares his insights on the role of social media platforms in brand communication and confidently predicts that because of a paradigm shift in the online world, Facebook is soon going to kill Google’s Youtube. He opines that within a year, companies will start launching their campaigns exclusively on Facebook. Read more about why he thinks so – here
Aakriti, co-founder at Wizikey and BoringBrands, and also a self-proclaimed crazy fan of Netflix’s House of Cards, derives key lessons of PR from powerfully pragmatic quotes of the show’s protagonist, Frank Underwood. In this article, she handpicks her favourite, hard-hitting quotes delivered by Frank Underwood, and juxtaposes it with the realities of marketing and PR to make it easier for readers to understand the nitty-gritty of the trade. Learn more about the PR world here.
You must be familiar with Ola’s controversial ad that was pulled down because of its sexist undertones? In a detailed article published in Financial Express, Anshul shares his insights about branding and ad campaigns. He talks about the criteria of a good, impactful campaign, and stresses on first knowing the changing demography and personas before conceptualizing anything. Read more about his take on branding here