Net Neutrality and Gigato

 26 Apr 2016  BoringBrands Blog


Net Neutrality is on trial and everyone is hooked. A company that is fighting the Internet war from the front is Mavin, with its app Gigato.

Gigato is a mobile application and platform that allows app publishers to reward its users with recharge packs of unrestricted mobile data, based on the data usage incurred on the app. The brainchild of Shailesh Nalawadi, Raina Kumara and Alfian Tan, was launched in July 2015 in India.

Gigato allows consumers to experience their favourite apps without worrying about the cost of data. App Developers can use Gigato to reward their most loyal users with mobile data instead of offering cash back or coupons. Data credited to the user is deployable across all apps and data consuming services.

The company is a firm believer in creating a net neutral product. They have ensured that the principles of net neutrality are held up on both the consumer and the app publisher/ developer front.

Proving the above was the biggest challenge for BoringBrands. Gigato was initially termed as “potentially damaging to start-ups” as the platform was thought to be opposing net neutrality.  This was an uphill battle where the team worked with founders and with the media to transform the brand from being a threat to net neutrality to being lauded as one of the flag-bearers of net neutrality by the savetheinternet group, the media and even the government.

The idea of a totally free data plan seemed out of reach, but Gigato has found a sustainable way for end users to consume data and get it back, and app publishers to fund this. Everyone has a level playing field in the Gigato marketplace.