Is Email Really Dead?

 09 Dec 2014  BoringBrands Uncategorized

Is Email Dead?


The latest debate in the tech world seems to be about the usefulness, and the “inevitable” demise, of email. Several apps in the market (Slack, Hipchat, etc.) are working hard to make this prediction come true, and even Google has attempted to reform email by introducing Drive earlier and now Inbox. Will these attempts work as envisioned? We think it’s unlikely, because email is far too fundamental and pervasive to be whisked away so easily.


Here’s what makes email unbeatable as a communication medium:


  • Reliability: Email is reliable. When you send a message, you know it will either be delivered or generate a failure message. There’s nothing like an email message that gets lost in transit. Another factor in email’s reliability is that it’s built on an open standard that is supported by everyone. In other words, it’s like a Web unto itself.

  • Availability: Everyone has an email address, and it doesn’t change. That’s a huge plus, for businesses and individuals alike, when compared with new social networks and apps that keep popping up each day. The person you wish to contact may or may not be using your favorite app, but he’s sure to be using the email address he gave you.

  • Privacy: Unlike a social network, your email account is like your quiet sanctuary where you can take your sweet time to think and respond. There’s nobody to stalk you or send you annoying friend requests.


Perhaps more than anything else, email epitomizes simplicity. Just hit the Compose button, write a quick message, and you’re done. Something so useful isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


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