Blog print ad – Wish they had saved this money!

 05 Jun 2013  BoringBrands Blog

Being India’s flagship start-up marketing company, Boring Brands encourages start-ups to dream some marketing hack and then  experiment to decide whether that works or not but it hurts when we see a beautiful product or service using an expensive media unwisely.


When we woke up today to HT, we noticed a full page ad of – attaching jpeg below –

The first reflexive brand marketer approach was to check if the ad has come in other newspapers too (and head started praying NO!) and I was relieved to find it was not. Good that qualifies as a good marketing thought or else it would be bigger grief to see some solid earned investor money down the drain.

Now, while I would pray that the ad help them with enough brokers and landlords to justify the cost or someone is going to have a bad night’s sleep!, I decided to pen down my thoughts on this – .


Why the print ad will not work – 

1. Visuals create emotional connect but they forgot that! – They are a fantastic visual company. What irks me why did they not put a BIG visual of their own product right up front? Look at the visual below – does it not look fantastic? Would you not just hold the newspaper for 2 extra seconds when you see something like this?

Housing view of Ardee in Gurgaon


2. Bad copy – “Brokers & Landlords. – The way people search for houses is changing. Are you!” Seriously?! Are you the first company to bring real estate online? What is the change we are talking about? Will they actually get so emotionally attached that they will look at the ad, read the copy and then log on because of this copy!  Also what are my benefits of listing my property? Any incentives for brokers?

3. Bad Target audience – What if I was actually searching for a house shift? Would I not feel psychological offensive with the ad putting me “The people” common! – I wonder what is the justification of putting the ad without appealing to people who are searching for houses.

4. Print medium has a shelf life – As a startup marketer, I always insist on increasing that shelf life – put a little trigger to create urgency. Just a simple “Call to action”button like Free registration for 7 days or something?  Something which will make a person preserve the print ad for just a bit longer to connect with them.

5. Print ads play a multiplier effect but never alone – A medium like print ad has its limitations (just like a Google ad or Facebook ad has its own limitation). The limitation is it has become a reminder medium. When a real estate company put an ad here, they also ensure they reach to the same audience at least in 2 more ways. You use print ad only when you have a big objective like selling houses or a big incentive for people to register or else they will miss a life time opportunity.

Nevertheless, if you are reading this – do check out – they have done an awesome job in the interface and I am sure, they will soon mend their marketing ways . (A men!)

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