Blog print ad strikes back!

 11 Jul 2013  BoringBrands Blog is one startup brand that we love at Boring Brands. While we were not happy with the ad which they released few days back in Gurgaon – we thanked God when we saw much more improved version of the ad today again. [Image below]


Hopefully they read our cri-de-coeur in our previous blogpost, and it was heartening to see they made necessary changes.

1. We felt that they should have used the face of their awesome product – User Interface well. Thankfully that they have done that this time.  I am pretty sure, this would help them more.

2. Last time, the descriptor said – “Brokers & Landlords. – The way people search for houses is changing. Are you!”  – They changed to – “Brokers & Landlords. – You can show houses like never before”. Simple and better. Like their UI.

3. Target Audience – I get the ad is targeted at Brokers and Landlords but like last time, I felt that they should have had the consumer angle this time. Visual is appealing but they should have had a consumer fact which would appeal to consumers AND also to bring forth more brokers and landlords.

Question – What fact could have used?

Answer – Let us look at the chart below (Courtesy – seems to be getting very good visits , better than 2011 started

Fact could have been – More than 500 properties get added to every day in Gurgaon! Or – is already #1 site for House search in Gurgaon. Or – is growing faster than any other property site in India.

4. Shelf life – Wish they create some campaign to create urgency. Something like rates might get doubled with new workforce joining in Gurgaon this month. They could also do something like – Rent Rs 1 of a house for 1 month – only if you check out today!

This campaign will not only be PR-friendly but believe me VIRAL. Anyone would go and check out if they give 1 month rental on behalf of a consumer. Would you not? 😀 – Will cost them just Rs 25,000 or something for a great publicity.

5. Print medium – Well, this remains to be discussed – I hope they are planning to do something more interesting like – paint a complete house with color with a message – this house is available for rent. Did you know such cool properties are available AROUND you? Check out

Good that they are improving but their marketing needs to be much better like their interface :)…go ahead and check out – you will never want to go back to ANY other property site.