Entrepreneur’s Superpowers: Talk by Anshul at AMITY Global Business School

 26 Nov 2014  BoringBrands News

Boring Brands co-founder Anshul Sushil was among the key speakers in the recent event GOAL 2014 (Corporate Meet), organized by the AMITY Global Business School (AGBS). Conducted on November 21, 2014, the event aimed at helping provide students a closer view of entrepreneurship.


The Five Superpowers of an Entrepreneur


The highlight of Anshul’s address was the five superpowers, to which he attributed his entrepreneurial success. According to Anshul, these five superpowers are:


  1. The ability to see the superpowers others have.
  2. Being restless (in a good way!)
  3. Not allowing money to be the driving force.
  4. Doing more with less resources.
  5. Turning an average start-up into a superpower.

Anshul emphasized the importance of brand essence in the success of Boring Brands. He said that he was successful because he was able to create a cohesive brand that resonated well with all its marketing mediums. This allows others to experience Boring Brands, rather than see it as just another agency.