BoringBrands: The Agency for New-Age Indian Businesses

 05 Oct 2015  BoringBrands News

Remember the Manoj Bajpai-Raveena Tandon ad that made headlines during this Independence day? The ad received a lot of criticism as well as bravado; and the brand, OYO Rooms in this case, got a lot of mileage out of the activity. Needless to say it became ‘talk of the town’ overnite. However, can you recall the agency that was behind the ad? No? Alright.


The same agency was behind OYO’s recent ad campaign and also the creators of’s video commercials that went on to reflect its core business model. Did you get the name now? No?

The agency in question is Boring Brands. This PR agency by two young entrepreneurs have now become the sought-after marketing and advertising agency for startups and new-age Indian businesses.


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