Book Your Game is making fitness cashless

 29 Nov 2016  BoringBrands Blog


Over the past decade, mobile and its apps have disrupted and transformed many industries, wellness being one of them. The interest in fitness has found a new life through tech disruption. However, accessibility to fitness has always been a problem.

Book Your Game (BYG) stepped in to disrupt this space through a model that helps consumers keep fit, even on-the- go. Since its inception in February 2016, BYG has had more than 15,000 active users across five cities and 30,000 downloads, and has reported a growth rate of 35%.

Capitalizing on this growth streak, BYG partnered with Paynimo, that intends to empower multi-mode online and mobile payments for BYG, and will provide convenient and safe digital payment experience.

Learn more about how India’s biggest marketplace for fitness is upping its digital game. ties-up- with-book- your-game- to-encourage-cashless- payments/articleshow/55223808.cms

BoringBrands feels proud to be associated with BYG in all their PR endeavours.