In a short period of time, Forus Health has established itself as a leading medical device company in the Opthalmology space in India. With innovative products relevant for all markets, Forus is gradually spreading its wings and how. The company has established its first wholly-owned subsidiary in California to spread its healing touch in the US. They have also hired industry veterans from Johnson & Johnson to head their efforts in the new market. BoringBrands is glad to be partnering Forus in their noble endeavour.
Over the past decade, mobile and its apps have disrupted and transformed many industries, wellness being one of them. The interest in fitness has found a new life through tech disruption. However, accessibility to fitness has always been a problem. Book Your Game (BYG) stepped in to disrupt this space through a model that helps consumers keep fit, even on-the- go. Since its inception in February 2016, BYG has had more than 15,000 active users across five cities and 30,000 downloads, and has reported a growth rate of 35%. Capitalizing on this growth streak, BYG partnered with Paynimo, that intends to empower multi-mode online and mobile payments for BYG, and will provide convenient and safe digital payment experience. Learn more about how India’s biggest marketplace for fitness is upping its digital game. ties-up- with-book- your-game- to-encourage-cashless- payments/articleshow/55223808.cms BoringBrands feels proud to be associated with BYG in all their PR endeavours.
  Sebastian Thrun started Udacity in 2012 as a massive open online course (MOOC) where people could watch videos to get educated. But he realized the learning was very passive. Fast forward to 2014, when Udacity rolled out its first nanodegree course – a credential that’s short, compact, very specific to a job, and gives one the skills to land that particular job. Today, Udacity is on a mission to upskill Indian users with the same courses in partnership with industry leaders, such as Google, Facebook, Salesforce and AT&T. Learn more about how this company is helping its users acquire Silicon Valley skills. udacity-courses/ BoringBrands is proud PR partners of Udacity.
Armed with their love for communication and technology, Aakriti Bhargava and Anshul Sushil conceived BoringBrands in the lush lawns of MICA. Seven years and more than 175 clients later, the company has managed to carve out a niche for itself in the startup ecosystem. Let us take a look into the incredible growth story of India’s new-age marketing agency.
With 70 million people in India being diabetic and an additional 80 million in pre-diabetes stage, there is a huge need to build a product to tackle the burgeoning problem of diabetes mismanagement. That is exactly what HealthPlix app is doing. The company’s focus is to help diabetics improve treatment outcomes by using technology to make doctor-patient interaction for on-going chronic care seamless, quick and more efficient. Read on to learn about HealthPlix’s plans. Click here to read more BoringBrands is proud to partner HealthPlix in their PR endeavours.
Data science is being touted as the hottest career option in 21st century and the need for data scientists in India has exploded.  India’s big data market is expected to cross $1 billion in 2016. This is in line with the global trend where the global big data market is expected to hit a whopping $8 billion. So the need for data scientists is immediate, a demand that is unlikely to abate in the near future. Keeping pace with this demand, skills-assessment firm Aspiring Minds has developed and introduced a solution to evaluate skill sets of data scientists and data engineers. Read on to find out how they are doing it. Click here to read more BoringBrands is proud PR partner in their educational endeavours.
From a small chawl in Kolkata to becoming a 500 crore entity,  Abdos has indeed come a long way. Founded in 1967 and headquartered in New Delhi, Abdos is a leading diversified group of businesses. The group has 6 businesses including manufacturing, FMCG, trading and contract manufacturing. Through the 49 years of its existence, the group has grown astoundingly, and frequently received accolades in recognition of its high-quality standards. With a vision to double revenues in three years and the ambition to leave a global mark, Abdos wanted to encourage employees to put in their best foot forward and walk the extra mile to help the company achieve targets. We chose to tell them – YES YOU CAN! As soon as the project was on-board, BoringBrands started working on a multitude of things, including internal timelines and discussions. Since the event flow carried a lot of video work, interviews were set up, videos were shot and designs were planned. The design and content team worked together on generating content and layouts for other collateral – posters, pamphlets and e-mails. On July 9, 2016, with 80 attendees in tow, we started off with the most important annual event of Abdos. The … Continue reading A walk through Abdos’ 49th foundation day