Smartworks has assigned a robust budget of approximately 50 lakh covering outdoor, digital and print advertisements to be rolled out as the young brand steps into its second year of operations in 2018.
Success stories have a unique way of spreading motivation and hope across the world, cementing everyone’s belief that they too have a chance at success.
The stakeholders (Read Bloggers and internet marketers) who have been into online marketing for years are familiar with affiliate marketing, and even with the fact that it is the most lucrative way to earn money online.
We got #PRAXIS, the brainchild of Amith Prabhu, out of one solitary tweet that he did in 2011. The event, today, is the largest gathering of PR professionals in the world.
For marketers across the globe, understanding target audience and their consumption pattern is one of the essential tasks.  It not only helps marketers make targeted marketing decisions but also help in reaching their TG more effectively and meaningfully. Since the mid-80s, Indian marketers had relied on a socio-economic classification (SEC) system as an important aid in helping them decide on marketing strategy and budget allocations. The SEC’s main aim: To segment consumers based on the education and occupation of the chief wage earner in the household. Marketers were left with eight classes of urban and rural consumers. As these classes had varying spending habits, it served as a good barometer for companies that had goods and services to sell. But in the post-liberalization years, the consumer landscape started to change dramatically and it increasingly became clear to the marketing fraternity that education and occupation were often not the best indicators of income. And this old socio economic classification (SEC) system eventually gave way to the new consumer classification system (NCCS). Here, all households—urban and rural—are being measured using the same yardstick; the education of the CWE and the number of durables owned. There is a pre-decided list of 11 items … Continue reading Demystifying SEC & NCCS System for Marketers
That’s right! We bagged an award for ‘The Journey’ at the third edition of Foxglove Awards 2017 in Mumbai's Four Seasons Hotel, Worli. BoringBrands won in the Brand Integration Category for the short ad film we launched last Diwali with OnePlus.
Being an inspirational couple is not just about staying together, it’s about changing and impacting many lives together. That’s how Anshul Sushil and Aakriti Bhargava (our founders), armed with their love for technology and communication respectively, decided to build BoringBrands with sheer determination and zest. And today, their remarkable journey from being just life partners to company partners has been featured in Prachi Garg’s latest book – ‘SuperCouples’. This book celebrates journey of couples who went a step ahead to become business partners! In the times of evolving startup ecosystem, finding the right partner is not an easy task. In lieu of finding honest partners, real life couples have started breaking boundaries, and exploring the idea of partnering up in businesses too. ‘SuperCouples’ documents real-life stories. Reading about couple-preneurs in this book, brings forth a crucial fact – it’s only a myth that husband-wife should not work together! This book talks to 19 couple-preneurs from the startup ecosystem and culls out lovely stories of their ‘enterprising’ lives.   Anshul and Aakriti’s partnership started in college (MICA) as lovers, which eventually led to their simple forever. Harnessing each other’s strengths and weaknesses to address the inherent need and a desire to … Continue reading From ‘Ambitious Couple’ to ‘Super Couple’: The Unconventional Story of BoringBrands’ Founders