About Us

Unlike our competition—wait a minute, where is our competition?—Boring Brands wasn't named to impress you. After all, you're a startup who wants to get noticed and succeed – not to win brownie points of vanity. So when we analyzed zillions of startups we began to understand why they hit a glass ceiling quickly – they are too boring! “Boring?? To who?” Glad you asked! Depending on your objective, you can be boring to the investors, the customers, the media, potential allies, and so on. And guess what, you being the founder are rarely able to see how boring it can get for the others.

That's the simple but profound idea our name implies – take the “boring” out, and you become a brand, a phenomenon, a force of nature . . . (ahem, we're getting ahead of ourselves, it seems!)

In any case, you get the idea: we work our asses off, burn the midnight oil, and eat our own dog biscuits to see you succeed. We don't mind taking a strong stand for what we believe will benefit you, because we believe that the best love is tough love.

Enough bragging now. If this doesn't convince you, we don't know what will!